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Through travel, we are able to understand each other, grow spiritually, and take something wonderful from our journey home with us. In our case, we create trips that also allow you to leave something behind. At Himalayan Circuit, our team works hard to improve the living conditions of the local communities in Nepal, funded by our intrepid guests. Along with our sister companies, we are able to actively enable change in Nepal, through community-centric trips and initiatives that empower and educate.

Success Stories

Like almost everything in Nepal, our story is a colorful one, and begins nearly 20 years ago with our founder and President, Anish Neupane. Anish began his journey as a teacher at a local school, specializing in computer literacy. After acting as an impromptu host to a few travelers visiting the school in Bhaktapur, Anish saw an opportunity, and decided to make the leap into voluntourism.

Seeing the impact a traveler could make in Nepal’s non-profit realm, Anish founded VolNepal, connecting visitors with local communities to maximize the local living experience, while providing some of the aid that Nepal desperately needs. Success came quickly to Anish and to VolNepal, as the model of allowing travelers to share their individual expertise in whatever way they could, coupled with a “live like a local” experience, resulted in a rapidly growing enterprise.

Established in 2005, VolNepal currently operates a wide number of initiatives, including teaching, construction, women’s support and outreach, and microfinance education – to name a few.

Our vision multiplied, with a large percentage of travelers returning to VolNepal a few times over.

But perhaps the most smashing success to date came when we discovered a business model that would allow VolNepal to operate under a “100% Guarantee” – the ability to deliver ALL of the funds donated to reach their intended destinations and projects, every time.

This sensible and philanthropic business model came in the form of a tourism company… and GAP Year Nepal was born. By creating a dynamic, adventurous and friendly tour provider, we are able to divert a portion of our profits to cover VolNepal’s overhead costs, while establishing the perfect partnership for visitors to Nepal who want to experience a volunteer component to their journey.

GAP Year Nepal, now in its 9thyear, combines mainstream packaged tours with community-based programs to help travelers find their way – spiritually and physically – through the kaleidoscope of culture and scenery that is Nepal. We pride ourselves on helping travelers tap into the learning opportunities and adventure of the remote areas of our country, to create unforgettable experiences.

Which brings us to 2015, and the birth of Himalayan Circuit. After the roaring success of GAP Year Nepal amongst younger travelers, we wanted to create a parallel experience, and one geared more towards adults and mature travelers. With dozens of itineraries available, at any pace and level of comfort you desire, join Himalayan Circuit as we showcase Nepal’s immense beauty and rich community life.

In particular, we want to mention our newest project – “BesarBazar.Com. We are an organic agriculture cooperative located in the rural hills of South Central Nepal, the Pyuthan District, and we specialize in turmeric harvests! Farming is traditionally conducted for subsistence and livelihood purposes. We formed the cooperative to provide income opportunities for local farmers and share our pure, organic, spice harvests with the world!

As our portfolio of brands continues to develop, led by Himalayan Circuit, we are excited and proud to grow alongside our customers, with whom we share our unique and precious vision of community-centric travel in stunning Nepal.

End of year 2019, Himalayan Circuit started another brand named Accessible Nepal, which believes in inclusive travel where no one should leave out to visit this beautiful country and is committed in providing travelers all the travel arrangements. Over the years our prior experience allowed us to understand every detail that is required to make your travel hassle-free by meeting your accessibility needs.


From the whole team at Himalayan Circuit

Community Projects

Our Charity

Volunteer Nepal National Group (VolNepal) is a local, independent, non-profit organization. Our primary objective is to facilitate the social development processes in Nepali communities.

  • Sustainable Village Project

    At VolNepal, we’ve identified several strategies to empower these communities to become more sustainable and self-sufficient.

  • Educational Project

    Our educational initiatives are robust and comprehensive projects designed to accommodate all facets of the educational system in Nepal’s rural communities.

  • Success Story

    As with any independent enterprise, it takes a certain amount of time to establish the resources (both financial and human capital) required to achieve everything we’d like to achieve.